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Our Liquors

All our liquors are homemade, without additives or artificial colouring.

In Portugal we’re especially proud of our Aguardente de Medronho. Medronho is the Western strawberry tree and its fruits are the base of the so-called Aguardente. The exact translation of this word is firewater because it stimulates the spirit. To sum it up: Aguardente is a real treasure of the brandy world.

Since this tree grows wild and the harvesting process is arduous manual work, Aguardente de Medronho can very rarely be found at supermarkets. The production of this spirit asks for a long and elaborate distillation and requires a distilling license. Therefore, only few producers make this special treat which makes it even more interesting for gourmets. Curious? We got you covered!

Our Liquors


Licor de Albergaria

É um licor produzido em Portugal. Este licor é originário da região de Albergaria-a-Velha, situada na região centro de Portugal. É um licor tradicionalmente feito a partir de uma combinação de ingredientes como ervas, frutas, especiarias e álcool, resultando numa bebida doce e aromática. O Licor de Albergaria é apreciado como uma bebida digestiva e é muitas vezes servido como um licor de sobremesa.

Oranges, Carob and Figs

The Algarve is the sunniest region of Europe! Here you can find some of the best oranges, and we know how to use them well: in citrus liquors or vinegars for example!

“Where there is citrus trees there is also carob.”

At least that’s what our grandparents use to say. And it seems to be true because these trees grow side by side in the Algarve. 


Carob trees have been cultivated for more than 4.000 years and in the past 20 years has been considered a healthier alternative to cacao due to its minerals and vitamins. Carob is an essencial ingredient in many pastries from the Algarve as well as other things, you should definitely try them and our carob liqueur!

FInally, another plant you can often find in the Algarve: the fig tree. When harvested, figs don’t stay fresh very long. That’s why they are often dried and used for sweets – or liqueurs. We highly recommend our Licor de Figo. 

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Medronho is a small red fruit, also known as "strawberry tree", which grows in Mediterranean regions such as Portugal, Spain, and parts of North Africa. The fruit of the strawberry tree is small, round, and typically red or orange when ripe.


In Portugal, medronho is also known for being used in the production of a strong and traditional alcoholic beverage called "medronho brandy" or "aguardente de medronho". This brandy is distilled from the fermented fruits of the strawberry tree and is appreciated by many as a typical drink of the regions where the strawberry tree is abundant.


Although valued for its use in brandy production, the fruit of the strawberry tree can also be consumed fresh, used in the production of jams, liqueurs, and other food products. Additionally, the strawberry tree is appreciated for its ornamental value and the biodiversity it provides to the environment in which it grows.

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