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Our Beers

Portuguese beer has a remarkable reputation and is drunk with pleasure. The first mention of serving beer dates back to the 17th century in Lisbon. In addition to the conventional and well-known types of beer in Portugal such as Sagres and Super Bock, craft beer has been having its momentum since a few years! Our beers come from craft beer breweries in the Algarve and are produced with a lot of manual work and love.

Our Portuguese lagers and craft beers

Sagres or Super Bock?

Some of the most known world debates include the eternal Portuguese beer debate! Which one is better? Some people refuse to drink the other beer. In our opinion, they taste a bit similar and both equally good with a small difference maybe in sweetness, but you should definitely try both and decide for yourself! In the end what matters is how cold and fizzy they are, and that we can guarantee :)

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