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"Why Not" Soda was the first artisanal and organic 'soda' to be produced in Portugal. The project is by two Germans: Steffi and Nils. They wanted to develop a low-calorie drink that would be an alternative to those normally found on the market. Production is made in Portugal with 100% natural ingredients. The sugar used comes from cane and all sodas are vegan, gluten-free and organic certified. Without speaking Portuguese and without experience in the sector, they managed to create the first premium soda brand in Portugal.


Natural Cola







Life should be like a good soda.

"Full of surprises, authentic and real. It's in our hands. Let's enjoy every sip until the last drop. That’s why we adopt the “Why Not” mentality – dancing between the sweet and the sour, celebrating the brighter side of life. For us, life should have more flavor than just being simple and straightforward – that's why we created a unique range of sodas with a special touch for those who share our passion."

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