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Monchique black pork chorizo is a traditional product from the Monchique region, located in the Algarve, southern Portugal. This chorizo is made from black pork meat, an indigenous breed of the region, known for its rich and characteristic flavor. The meat used in the production of Monchique black pork chorizo generally comes from free-range animals fed a natural diet that includes acorns. This gives the chorizo a unique and distinctive flavor. The manufacturing process involves seasoning the meat with a mixture of spices, such as garlic, paprika, pepper, wine and other condiments. The meat is then stuffed into natural casing and left to cure for a period of time, usually a few weeks to months, to fully develop its flavor.

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Monchique black pork ham is a traditional delicacy from the Monchique region, in the beautiful setting of the Algarve. This ham is made from the meat of locally raised black pigs, known for their exceptional quality and flavor. The production of this ham involves a meticulous process of salting, curing and maturing the pork meat. Black pigs are raised extensively, often in natural environments, and feed on a variety of ingredients, including acorns from cork oaks and holm oaks. This special diet gives the ham an authentic and distinctive flavor. Appreciated in both local and international cuisine, Monchique black pork ham is often served as part of a cheese and sausage board, accompanied by fresh bread and wine. Its quality is widely recognized and valued by gastronomy connoisseurs and gourmet product enthusiasts.

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