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Food Products

Oranges and citrus fruits: The Algarve is famous for its juicy oranges and other citrus fruits, which are grown in large quantities in the region due to the favorable climate.

Olive Oil: Olive oil produced in the Algarve is highly valued for its quality and unique flavor. It is an essential ingredient in local cuisine and is enjoyed both nationally and internationally.

Wines: The Algarve region produces distinct wines, including red, white and rosé wines, often with unique characteristics due to the region's terroir.


Monchique black pork chorizo: is a charcuterie product traditionally produced in the Monchique region, in the Algarve. This specialty is made from the meat of black pigs, an indigenous breed of the region, known for its distinctive flavor and succulent texture.

Monchique black pork ham; is a high quality charcuterie product, originating from the Monchique region, located in the Algarve, southern Portugal. This ham is made from the meat of black pigs, an indigenous breed of the region, known for its distinct flavor and succulent texture.

Alheira de Mirandela: is a traditional type of Portuguese sausage originating from the Mirandela region, located in the northeast of Portugal. It is considered one of the most famous and appreciated alheiras in Portugal. Alheira is a type of smoked sausage, but what sets it apart from others is that it traditionally does not contain raw pork in its composition. Instead, it is made with a mixture of poultry meat, mainly chicken or turkey, bread, olive oil, garlic and a variety of seasonings.


Buttery cheese: is a type of cheese that is characterized by its soft, creamy texture, often with a smooth, rich flavor. It generally has a consistency similar to butter when at room temperature, hence the name "buttery." This type of cheese is often enjoyed as part of a cheese board or used in recipes that call for a creamy, melty cheese.

Aged sheep's cheese: is a type of cheese made from sheep's milk and aged for a period of time, usually several weeks to several months, to develop more intense flavors and a firmer texture. This type of cheese is appreciated for its rich flavor and can vary in intensity depending on the ripening time.

Aged goat cheese: is a type of cheese made from goat's milk and aged for a period of time to develop more complex flavors and a firmer texture. Just like matured sheep's cheese, maturation time can vary from a few weeks to several months, resulting in different flavor profiles and textures.


Sweets and Confectionery

The Algarve is known for its regional sweets, including traditional sweets such as Dom Rodrigo, made with almonds and eggs, and empanadilhas, a type of pastry filled with gila sweet, among others.

Honey and bee products: The production of honey and honey products is a significant activity in the Algarve, with orange honey and other bee products prized for their distinctive flavor.

Fine Sweet: Doce Fino, also known as Doce de Marsapão by foreigners, is made with almond paste, sugar and egg whites and sometimes there are those who fill it with strands of eggs.


Handmade products

Ceramics: The Algarve is known for its traditional ceramics, including tiles, crockery and decorative pieces, often decorated with colorful patterns inspired by local culture.

Weaving: The production of traditional textiles, such as sheep's wool blankets and rugs, is a preserved art in the Algarve, with distinct patterns and unique weaving techniques.

Basketry: Handmade baskets and baskets are a tradition in the Algarve, using natural materials such as wicker and reeds to create functional and decorative pieces.

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