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How we came to be

Hugo Estrela, who is also a sommelier, sells portuguese specialities that he brings himself from Portugal. The product range goes from wine, canned fish, cheese, cold cuts to pastries, among many others.

Founded in 2018, Marafado proudly supports small manufacturers mainly from the Algarve, bringing their typical and high-quality products to Berlin. He shares their stories, building a bridge between producers and consumers. It all began in Boxhagener Platz Farmers Market.

A few years after later he opened the first Marafado shop at Marheineke Markthalle Kreuzberg which is mainly a bistro with a small selection of traditional dishes, plus a range of portuguese products such as wine, olive oils, canned goods, and more.

The second Marafado shop opened in Friedrichshain soon after, establishing itself as a location for authentic Portuguese cuisine events.


For us, the most important thing is to maintain the core of our concept: deliver to Berlin high quality/special products from very special people. They, above all, deserve to see their goods being enjoyed by so many people here. 


Hugo & Damian

Hugo is the owner of Marafado, born in the Algarve but spent also a big part of his early years in Lisbon. He arrived in Berlin in 2009 for Erasmus and has since then stayed. Hugo has a big passion for story telling, either through socializing and meeting new people or through photography, and that comes through in the bairrista and welcoming environment of Marafado, where the same faces come by very often.

Damian is part of Marafado as well! He is a super chill 9 year old adopted Breton crossbreed. You might see him around in Wühlischstr. He likes to stare at people intensely in an attempt to get some food (but he is well fed, do not fall for his tricks).

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